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Scenarios are creative stories, situations, or plots that allow the listener to be taken into, and participate, in beautiful, lush, and intricate auditory simulations.  All scenarios in Tessera have been carefully hand crafted to prepare the listener for a profound message, an emotional breakthrough, or both. The scenarios are all meant to start familiar, then engage the listener in a way that they are transported into a state of change that they haven't experienced before.  Such as taking one step past the end of space, or experiencing the logic on the other side of an impossible question.


A projection is the brain coloring the landscape of what the eyes cannot see.  A simple way to explain this is to imagine experiencing a movie. However, more like a movie in which you cannot see the screen.  You hear the sounds, imagine the people as they talk, the landscapes as you listen to the environment and so on.  What’s taking place is your memories are filling in the gaps that your eyes cannot see.
This, is meant by projecting your memories upon the non-physical canvas of Tessera.


Reflection is the breakthrough of Tessera.  It is the wisdom of the self seeing what is beyond its own limitations.  It is like witnessing a greater part of youself from outside the body.  Simply put, it is the ability to see the self and the body from everything outside of it.

This is the true definition of what Adam calls “Parallel Awareness”.  The ability to see, feel, and produce positive choice through the eyes of Source.

"Becoming the writer, director, and center of your own Tessera Universe."

The MAS audios are the heart of the Tessera experience. What happens during a MAS simulation is that your physical environment has been removed and replaced with a full, lush auditory environment.  This includes the groundbreaking scenarios that are so unique, and so powerful, that they can only be in Tessera. The simulations are also supercharged with orchestral music, which enhances the overall experience and can actually help to create new memories within Tessera.


- Special Connect Video on How Tessera Works-

What is Tessera?
Tessera is a mirror image of the world we live in, but as a non-physical representation of the physical world. 

It is one that we can move about in freely without the constraints of fear, memory, anxiety, suffering or resistance caused by the body.

In other words, it's a world that we can consciously create in, solve problems in, and evolve in, so that we can pull these positive lessons into our physical lives .

A brand new Tessera video will be placed upon this webpage in the coming weeks.

This new video will explain everything from the MAS audios (Mental Auditory Simulation) to the ways we can produce positive projections in order to influence and build our very own Tessera.

The Creator of Tessera

  • Adam King

    The Creator of Tessera

    With almost forty years of musical background, over 20 years in the business of personal growth, Adam is by far the most suited for the work that goes on behind Tessera.
    He currently lives in Michigan with his wife and two children.

About Adam

Adam King is a visionary and leader in transformational personal development. He is the creator of The Tessera Method as well as many other programs and experiential works.His work has included some of the most cutting edge psychological and auditory scenarios known in the personal development space.This is accomplished through the use of specialized scenarios, stories and plots, sound effects, atmospheric soundscapes, and incredibly lush and powerful orchestral arrangements. Adam also teaches logical and emotional reasoning through the application of what he calls Parallel Awareness, which is the clearest benefit of The Tessera Method. He is very happily married and has two children, who continue to inspire many of the worlds and expressions in which he creates.


The following are all currently available programs by Adam


  • Touch

    Touch is Adam's latest work and will be available sometime during the beginning of 2014.
  • Connect

    Connect is an advanced transformational program of Tessera. It zeroes in on the activation of your creative power to shift from a limited observer to a limitless creator through a hands-on effortless process of energetic connection to Source. That may sound like a mouthful, but Connect is one of the most enjoyable and entertaining of Tessera Method programs. It is also the best for the beginner of Tessera.
    CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • Earthbound

    The Earthbound Experience

    Earthbound is a series of Binaural Atmospheric Auditory Modules (BAAM) created to accomplish one thing and one thing only.

    "To experience first-hand, the rebirth of the true self."

    Most will tell you that the path to enlightenment is to move from the body to spirit, or from a meditative state to oneness. The problem with this is that if the body is stopping itself from seeing past its own limitations, then it will also cloud the path to its own transformation.
    Earthbound is the first experience to perform this process backwards.

    This incredible offers hosts more than 14 hours of atmospheric, binaural and orchestral audio content, as well as over 150 pages of transcript, ebook and guidebook content.

    Furthermore, a full explanation video lecture with numerous models has been added in order to gain the most out of the logical and emotional side of the Earthbound Experience.
    to learn more.

  • IKON

    IKON is a blend of incredible, beautiful, and imaginative scenarios (Experiences) where you will be a participant in real time. It also includes intellectual lessons presented by Adam himself through webinars, chatroom transcripts, etc.

    There are several breakthroughs in IKON, but the most important are the ones where your perspective of purpose is shifted.

    CLICK HERE to learn more.

    On the Edge of Eden

    On the Edge of Eden is a variety of MAS audio scenarios and stories that take you from a small hilltop in which you begin your Journey through the Tree of Tessera, all the way to the icy realm of a child trying to save his mother. The lessons are simple. See the suffering of our own limitations and become the solution.
    to learn more.
  • Bliss

    Bliss started like any other Tessera project, with a simple idea. The idea was to produce a series of orchestral arrangements straight from the background works of Tessera; arrangements that could be used for relaxation, reflection and meditation. There would be no drum beats and no distracting sounds whatsoever. Just pure, beautiful orchestral music straight from the soul of Tessera.

    What started out as a compilation quickly turned into a project that was gaining a heartbeat of its own.

    What you have before you isn't just a series of songs with music straight out of the Tessera Method programs, but instead, a full collection of orchestrations that would fulfill the beauty of an album I could only call Bliss.

    Bliss is a very simple, complete, and an enjoyable addition to living the powerful perspective of Tessera. CLICK HERE to learn more

    Alone in Paradise

    Alone in Paradise was my second Album. It was written back in 2000-2001 and was an incredible step for me. During the time of creating this work, I was experiencing more and more profound expressions of myself. Little did I know this album would have such a profound effect on my work with Tessera.

    The song "Whirlwind" was the result of my first musical "Conscious Dream" in which I literally heard the music playing from the sky. Each note, each instrument began to compliment each other in a full orchestral arrangement.

    Seven Hours Before was my first and greatest experience of non-duality as I headed to the cabin for solace. I still smile to this day as I realize how I found all my answers of Tessera in such a thunderous instance of awareness.

    Possibility would lead the way to one of my greatest connections with nature during the fall. And Summerchild would be written just months before my first child was born.

    There are more stories behind each piece, but I now I invite you to experience these expressions on your own.
    to learn more



Simply click on the links to the right of the picture, or above the picture if you're on a mobile device, or the pictures themselves. Each link will take you to that particular program's respective information page.


Music is one of the most integral expressions in Tessera. Each module has been produced to create an atmosphere that allows the listener a supercharged emotional response.
Below are samples of songs, atmospheric audios and other related music additions.
There is something here for everyone.

SPECIAL WEEKEND COMPILATION FEB 8th ( Just hit the orange play button to listen to over an hour and a half of music!)

THE ILLUSION OF ALONE is a very special song written during the self worth summit with Dr. Anna Michelle


These are just conceptual samples. However, much of the time Adam gets behind the computer to create some stunning works in which to present his programs. Also, clarity can be gained by looking into the future through digital design, photography and other forms of art. Some of the works here are also contributions from other Artists. Some of these artists are also Tessera members.

Demo 1 ~ jSprouts
  • Alone in Paradise Concept Art


  • Timeline

    Timeline is a very unique program idea set forth for late 2014. It not only involves traveling through time in order to gain clarity of purpose and path, but it does it in such a way that is far beyond anything you've experienced or imagined before.

  • On The Edge of Eden Art

    What you see as paintings or pictures on the wall, are actually slides from the On the Edge of Eden program.

  • Door to Tessera

    Although a bit cartoon like, this image has a significant emotional value for many people who have experienced one ore more Tessera programs.

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