"The only way to combat suffering is to change your perspective of it.
The only way to change your perspective is to open your awareness.
And the only way to open your awareness is to change the modality in which you perceive.
This is why we have built Tessera."

                                                                               Adam King, Creator of Tessera


Welcome to the World of "Connect"

Join the Thousands Who Have Gained Tessera's Parallel Awareness

"Follow Adam into incredible Tesserean landscapes and scenarios in order to see firsthand the breakthroughs of your own creativity."

Tessera is about transformation through emotional and logical clarity, not information alone.

The Tessera Method is a system that creates effortless and enjoyable experiences that take place within a non-physical auditory environment or MAS (Mental Auditory Simulation).

These experiences first produce a highly emotional, or "higher-self" perspective that will literally awaken creative parts of your brain in order to help you perceive the world YOUR way without emotional resistance, typically found in physical environments.

This allows us to use hidden parts of our creativity, so that we can then reflect upon them logically and then act upon them within the physical world. The Tessera difference is about removing blocks by showing you their true nature in such a profound perspective that the higher self (Source) is given power. The main key of Tessera is the scenarios and orchestration that accompanies them. It's like a profound screenless motion picture where you play the leading role.

In fact, the instrumentation and equipment Adam uses to score the MAS audios for Tessera are some of the very same that was used to create the soundtrack for the movie Avatar. No other program in the world is like this!


How Connect Works
Moving from Limited Observer to Limitless Creator

The Memory Shell 

The memory shell is our personal filtering system that forces us to lose perspective and awareness. It is the process of assuming our way to the completion of thoughts, experiences and ideas. In short, the memory shell causes us to lose our awareness as it “fills in” pieces of future possibilities with past experiences.

Being stuck in the memory shell has been proven to lead to unnecessary suffering and even clinical depression.

As Anais Nin says, "we don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."

MAS (Mental Auditory Simulation)

The MAS audios are the heart of the Tessera experience. What happens during a MAS simulation, is you are verbally guided by Adam into Tessera (A non-physical eden) accompanied by an incredible auditory foundation of atmospheric soundscapes. This allows your physical environment to be removed and replaced with a full, lush auditory environment. This simulation or experience, is also supercharged with orchestral music, which enhances the overall emotion and will actually help create new memories.

The MAS simulations also allow you to project yourself (as well as the memory shell) upon the walls of Tessera, so that you can have a clear reflection of the experience.


ESP (Environmental Sensory Projection)

ESP is the result of the MAS audios. When you are experiencing an auditory simulation or soundscape, you are "projecting" the Memory Shell upon Tessera. This is a powerful way of becoming aware of your own subconscious mind and limitations.

Once a projection is complete, effortless reflection is the result. This is the only program that can allow you to see things you are filtering, which can produce a massive sense of clarity.


What Comes with Connect
(Downloadable DIGITAL Product)

The Connect User Guidebook
(PDF and Flash Ebook)
This Guidebook will help you with everything you need to know about your journey within Tessera.

It will show you what steps to take, which modules to listen to and of course, prepare you for building your own Tessera. Each module is based on a specific experience and platform. There is no hierarchy with Connect, only powerful modules, clear instructions, and incredible landscapes.

One of the greatest benefits of the guidebook is that it also explains in full detail the powerful variables of Connect. You will learn all about the Memory Shell, neuro-synapses, habitual blocks, and much more. It is the cognizant aspect of Connect for those looking for more intellectual stimulation.


Welcome to the Screenless Motion Picture

The MAS Audios
(Mental Auditory Simulations)

MAS Module: The Albatross

Join Adam as you both travel one step past the edge of space and time. Imagine what would happen. Eventually you would reach a place where there is nothing left. No measurement, no self.

What is left after such a place? What would you expect?

Man has fought for thousands of years to reach a clear, precise answer to this dilemma. However, this all gets answered through your journey upon the Albatross.

This module will take you to the edge of eternity, and then allow you to reach one-step-further and see the truth that lies beyond the boundaries of your emotional limitations.

MAS Module: The Canvas

The Canvas is a very special MAS audio experience as it has two purposes. First, it will introduce you to your own hidden paradise within Tessera. Then, it will show you step-by-step instructions on how to apply ESP (Environmental Sensory Projection) in order to build upon that beautiful place.

The Concept is simple: Once you connect with Source, you will need to learn how to "stay connected". And, in order to stay connected, nothing is stronger than shifting your awareness from observer to creator.

The key is to learn how to use other senses far beyond your physical body. The result is a very powerful shift in perspective that allows you to begin building and creating your own reality based on positive choice.

If your life were a canvas, how would you paint it?

Don't worry if you don't have an answer to this question, because your "user manual" has just arrived...

MAS Module: The Mosaic

Follow Adam through an old village and then enter a movie theater where you are not only the writer and director, but also the main character.

The Mosaic is an very special module as it invites you to experience the incredibly powerful secret behind source.

The secret, is that we are never alone.

However, The Mosaic delivers this truth in such a way that you will never see it coming. And, after the experience within the Mosaic, you will never be the same again.

MAS Module: Archetype (JUST ADDED)

Finally, what has been stopping you is now your ally.

This is the final addition to Connect and one of the most fulfilling Tessera experiences to date.

During Archetype the entire process of Connect will unfold right before your eyes. This powerful module will show you the final steps in moving from observer filtered by their memory shell, to a creator that can use their memory as an emotional powerhouse for reflection.

Life is not lived in speculation, it is not lived in the past, it is lived in a life of present awareness and reflection.

Archetype is the first module that includes a schematic on how you can Connect to Source in real time, and live in a constant state of transformation.

Note: Archetype will go live on August 1st, 2012


The Music and Sounds Behind Connect
The Exclusive Tessera Method Connect Soundtrack

(Over 4 Hours of Atmospheric Audios, Meditations and Music)

Click on the Orange Play Button Below to Hear the Sample Music

The program Connect was created with an incredible array of sound effects, atmospheric audios and a full orchestra soundtrack. Upon each lush track, are songs carefully handcrafted to give the participants a particular experience, emphasized with the power of emotional memory. This collection of songs, exclusive to this program, is now yours in high quality MP3 format (192Kbps), so that you can revisit connect any time you wish by simply hitting the play button on your MP3 favorite player or computer.

Click on the Orange Play Button Below to Hear the Sample Music

Music Sample (Song Only) During a MAS Audio

Music Sample (The Illusion of Alone) Song Only



Two Powerful Additions for
This Special Offer

ELM (Environmental Location Audio) One: The Cabin

The Cabin is the beginning of a very powerful lesson of non-duality. You will walk through a blustery snow storm with Adam until you reach a remote cabin deep in the woods.

Once there, Adam will walk you through "Stage One" of the transformation of non-duality. Together, you can become prepared for this final transition into oneness.

ELM Two: The Blue Room (The End of Emotional Suffering)

The Blue Room is where everything comes together.  The stage is now set for you to experience a perspective unlike anything you've experienced before.

The hardest part of transformation is to reach a place where "the search", comes to an end. Once you can do this, you will discover what is the main block stopping us from becoming one with the Source.
And yes, it is possible to move past ourselves in order to instantly connect with our super consciousness and the Divine.
And all it takes is a simple shift.



The Essential Lecture Series on Clarity

The Essential Interactive Lecture Series:
(Clarity Through Tessera)

Included are four VERY rare essential lecture transcripts and MP3s on the subject of Clarity.

The Essential Series is an interactive chatroom discussion series that covers all of the tough questions and constraints about ourselves. Everything from emotional suffering to money and abundance, relationships, business, coaching, etc.

In other words, this is about how to get past ANY THING that is stopping you, sabotaging you, or causing you uncertainty, resistance, anxiety or fear.

This particular series come with a full 2.5 hour lecture in MP3 format, which covers the entire four weeks of training on the Essential Clarity.


Atmospheric Audios

Binaural Atmospheric MP3 Audios

Included with Connect are over 3 hours of very special Binaural Atmospheric audios. These audios are tools that can be used any time you wish to reconnect with Source.

They are a relaxing blend of atmospheric and environmental soundscapes recorded at 440Hz and mastered at 528Hz.

They allow you to move into Tessera and project any constraint, question, or desire, in order to reach a powerful place of personal reflection.

Each Atmospheric runs no less than 30 minutes totaling almost 4 hours of added audio. Instructions for the use of these audios come with the Connect Guidebook.


Our Tesserean Relationship Doesn't End with Connect!
The Official Living Tessera Private Member Site

Each member of Tessera will gain access to the Living Tessera Website for a FULL year. This is a place where over 40 additions, ranging from songs, atmospheric audios, reflections, eBooks and discussions on diet, relationships and business have been placed. 
There is over 10 hours of bonus audio materials here, including MP3 lectures on Suffering,  getting a better night's sleep, etc. 
This private membership site comes with weekly and bi-weekly updates.

All included with your Tessera Connect Purchase!




MAS Modules

*Intro to Connect


*The Canvas

*The Blue Room

*The Mosaic


This Module was JUST added!


Atmospheric Audios

* Albatross Atmospheric

*The Canvas Atmospheric

*The Mosaic Atmospheric

*And the All (Blue Room Atmospheric)

*Attunement Decent Atmospheric

*Awake Atmospheric

*More on Living Tessera

MAS Background Atmospherics
(Brand New in July)


*The Canvas

*The Blue Room
The Mosaic

Note: A background atmospheric is all of the actual sounds, songs and effects behind the MAS audios. Everything is there except Adam's narration.


*Emerald Bliss
*The Reason
(Main Theme)
*Point of No Return
(The Albatross Launch)
*The Reason
(Classical Guitar, viola, orchestra, piano)
*Now or Never
*The Reason
(Piano first take)
*We Got This
*To Be Continued
*My World in Your Eyes
*The Illusion of Alone

*More on Living Tessera

Binaural Bridge Audios

*Blend 528Hz

*Angel Rain

*Connect Awake
(Sleep Cycle)

*Connect Meditation

Note: Many of the atmospheric audios are in 528hz frequency. This is known as the "DNA Repair Frequency"

*More on Living Tessera


*Connect Guidebook

*Albatross Reflection

*The Canvas Reflection

*The mosaic Reflection

*Archetype Reflection

*The Prize

Clarity Series

*Insight Through Faith

*Clarity MAP


*Memory Allocation

*More on Living Tessera

Coaching Calls and Lectures

*Relationship Secrets 2 Hours

*Tessera Connection Call 1 Hour

*Answer Series (over 2 hours)

*The Prize Reflection Calls

Abundance Training
(Late June) 2 Hours

*Answers Calls (Two calls totally 3 Hours)

More lectures and call downloads on Living Tessera

*More on Living Tessera

Only $127.00


Two Payment Option for Tessera Connect
Payment structure is for one payment of $69.99 now,
the second payment of $69.99 in 30 days.
Please note: there are no refunds on the payment plan.


Adam King is a visionary and nationally known speaker on transformational personal development, business and relationships. He is also an accomplished musician, composer, movie score writer, and author.
For over two decades he has created and perfected a unique method called Tessera, a non-physical Eden which produces a nero-physiological response within us that can result in a massive state of transformation using a cutting-edge technology called Mental Auditory Simulation or MAS for short.
He applies his compositions, writing, vision, personal experiences and recording studio expertise with an in-depth understanding of relational psychology and communication to create this method.
Tessera has helped his students around the world to shift into what he calls "parallel awareness", where participants can enter into any uncomfortable situation, or environment that has stopped them from achieving fulfillment, and see the truth behind their suffering and resistance.  The result can be instant, life lasting change.

You would identify why fighting to get ahead is what keeps you getting stuck and how laziness is nothing more than a lack of clarity. The Tessera Method helps you to get a totally new and empowering perspective on how effortlessly you can beat any challenge in your life, by knowing that there is truly another world full of answers right here, and right now, just waiting for you.
Tessera method has been used by personal coaches, therapists and doctors, other national speakers and celebrities to help produce profound shifts in their lives, and the lives of their patients and clients’.

I am greatly looking forward to sharing Tessera with you and hearing about your experiences!
Another World Awaits!